Wearing Sunglasses Inside

Wearing Sunglasses Inside
Going to the dentist can often be a traumatic experience for many of us and as an adult I have to admit that I do suffer from a little anxiety at the prospect of staring at a ceiling with my mouth open. And as for the sunglasses?  I am sure it’s not so much to protect your eyes from the glaring lights, but to prevent you from seeing the dentist’s mortified looks as he discovers just how long it’s been since your last check up!

Whilst building up the courage to face my own fears I was reminded of why Charli and I began the Wibberly Wobberly journey together, some five years ago.  It was to help young children to allay their own fears of the dental experience.  By bringing a little magic to the experience of losing a tooth through the use of fun characters and an exciting and creative activity, youngsters can learn the importance of dental health and be assured that the dental journey need not be a difficult one.
My Wibberly Wobberly Tooth is now, for a limited time, available at half price, only $10 plus postage and handling, and would make a fantastic present for your child.  The book comes with a fantastic instructional guide at the end on how to make your very own Tooth Fairy Pillow!
Keep a little magic in your children’s lives for as long as you can and grab yourself a copy of My Wibberly Wobberly Tooth, available online at www.bycharliandkate.com


Kate x
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